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If you are designing a school uniform code for a new school or updating an existing style, use our helpful tips to choose the best style for the school brand. Choose from a range of school jumpers, shirts, skirts, jackets, trousers and dresses and so much more!

Options For Girls

When deciding on a uniform, it is important to have a clear idea of the overall style, e.g. casual, sporty, classic.

A great option for the classic look is to accessorise the basics with a v-neck knit jumper. From plain to a stripe in the neckline, choose the colour that links back to the school branding. A jumper paired with a white collared blouse is a true classic and very elegant.

To make the outfit slightly less formal but still maintain a classic look, pair the jumper with a white polo shirt.

Note: Polo shirts are available with antimicrobial features.

A white collared shirt and a polo shirt both pair well with trousers, skirts, shorts etc. From grey to maroon colour, the flexibility is limitless when paired with white.

An Oxford shirt is more formal and unisex, a Peter Pan collar is more feminine, and a polo shirt is more casual and unisex.

For pre-school children, you may want to consider simpler items like t-shirts and a non-knitwear pullover.

Options For Boys

As with the girls' options, when choosing uniforms for boys, it is important to have a clear idea of the overall style you are shooting for.

For a classic look, the Oxford shirt is a classic option paired with a knitted jumper. Boys can wear the shirt with a tie or open neck. For cooler autumn and spring days, another classic option is a knitwear vest or sleeveless jumper.

A slightly more casual option is the polo shirt which works as a uniform item for girls and boys. This creates an economy of scale more easily when ordering.

The Oxford shirt and the polo shirt both work well with trousers or shorts.


In addition to the uniform basics are the accessories.

Will your school be sticking with the classic, formal look of a blazer? Blazers suit an Oxford shirt style with a tie or open neck. Padded shoulders give a better silhouette to the final outfit.

A blazer also works with a polo shirt and gives a lovely smart casual look. If a blazer is too formal for your brand message, then consider a front zipping jacket.

For sporting events, a blazer might get damaged; hence it is worth looking at branded fleece jackets as an option.

You can also specify branded raincoats, school hats, sun hats and sports shirts.

For more guidance on a tailor-made solution for your school, contact our expert design team and get the best school jumpers, tops and bottoms for your brand’s style.

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