Cleaning Tips To Get Long-Lasting Quality From Your School Uniforms

As a family-run business with over 50 years of expertise in the design, production and distribution of school uniforms in Brisbane and across Australia, The Uniform Company knows just about all there is to know about school uniforms. 

We've learned that even though most school uniform manufacturers label their clothes as "easy care", proper maintenance is essential to make the most out of your investment. With the following care tips, you'll ensure your school uniforms look great and last as long as possible. 

Follow The Care Instructions 

Tags and care instructions are commonly attached to every item of clothing, particularly within the school wear industry. This is because even though each garment is rigorously tested before being distributed, there are subtleties and variations regarding the care durability, colour and fibre.  

Each garment is different, and as a result, it will need a different approach to cleaning. Carefully read and follow each step to ensure that your uniforms are being cared for correctly. 

Know Your Detergents

Even though it may seem trivial, you should always check the ingredients on the back of your detergents. Some include bleaching chemicals, which make them ineffective at washing dark shades. Also, understand that some detergents may cost more because they perform better and do not deteriorate the quality of your fabrics over time.  

Factor in the cost per wash and the cost involved with maintaining the quality and condition of your clothing before deciding which detergent to use. 

Quick Care Tips: 

  • Stains: Treating a stain as soon as possible is preferable. There's more time for it to find its way into fibres the longer it sits. The best thing you can do before addressing a stain is to dilute it in cold water. Remember that machine washing and drying without pre-treating will allow stains to set.
  • Drying: Whenever feasible, avoid using a clothes dryer, and if you do, use the cool setting. Using the dryer might cause shrinkage and deterioration in certain fabrics. Uniforms should be dried inside out on the clothesline outside and in the shade. 
  • Ironing: If your garment features print, always press it before the first wash. This will help the logo last longer. A piece of cloth should be put between the iron and the print on nylon garments. Remember that hot irons are known to cause pilling, shrinkage and colour loss, so be aware of temperature regulation while ironing. 

Quick Washing Tips: 

  • Wash garments with "similar" materials and colours together.
  • Avoid using undiluted washing powder on your clothes as spot fading might occur.
  • Pre-drenches and chlorine colouring are not recommended.
  • Always fasten all zips, catches and studs before washing to avoid harming the garments or getting lost during the wash cycle.
  • Use warm or cold water cycles for washing.
  • To keep the colour of your clothes constant, wash them inside out. 

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The Uniform Company is a preferred provider of school uniforms to the Queensland Government's Department of Education, Training and Employment. As one of Australia's top uniform suppliers and wholesalers, we design and manufacture our uniforms in our sophisticated Brisbane factory.  

All of our products are tailored to your specific climate, So whether you require apparel for the Melbourne winter, Perth summer, or Sydney spring, we can design a branded wardrobe to meet your student's needs. And because we understand that a school uniform is an investment, we take care to use only the highest quality durable fabrics, with carefully formulated cleaning and drying instructions included on the tags.  

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