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Polo shirts are one of the most popular styles when it comes to men’s fashion. The design of the polo shirt, the way you wear it and the other garments you team it with sets the tone of the outfit. Therefore the polo is one of the most versatile garments you can have in your wardrobe, dress it up for formal events or leave it untucked for casual occasions. Custom made polo shirts Australia are available in an array of colours, prints and designs to suit your individual style.

When you own a multitude of different custom polo shirts Australia, it is important that you take good care of them. The following are a few tips to help you take proper care of your polo shirts.

Washing – When washing your custom made polo shirt Australia it is ideal to turn your polo shirt inside out for washing, this helps prevent pulling o tugging of the fabric and keeps the colours vibrant. It is not necessary to hand wash your polo as this uses more water and can lead to inconsistencies in the dye colour.

Drying – It is best to keep you polo away from the dryer however cotton polos can be tumble dried on delicate setting (if necessary). When drying your polo try to lay it on a flat surface as hand drying may cause it to stretch and lose its shape. Avoid drying in direct sunlight, as this may cause fading.

Storing – The experts vary on the way to store your polo, the question is should you hang or fold? If you chose to hang your polo, make sure that the polo is hung on a sturdy hanger that provides ample support for your polo. Hanging will minimise creasing on the garment. However folding does have its benefits, polo shirts tend to stretch and lose their shape over time. Folding and keeping them neatly stacked on a flat surface will help to prevent your polos from losing their shape.

Custom polo shirts Australia are designed to be durable, with the right care your polo shirt will last.

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