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School uniforms can be particularly expensive to buy and even more bothersome to maintain during the year. They undergo plenty of wear and tear with children, from messy breaks to rolling around in the grass. The condition of these garments can quickly decline with daily wear, losing their prestige and lustre. And as parents, we can often feel a sense of shame when our children do not look their best, especially when going to school. It may even have you scrambling mid-year to find school uniform suppliers in Brisbane to replace the dull clothes. 

Here are some of our useful tips that can make all the difference in maintaining school uniforms during the school year without you having to spend more money.  

Set New Rules 

Teaching your children to respect their uniforms can go a long way in keeping them in excellent condition. That said, you can set a rule that as soon as they get home, they change into casual clothing. This will prevent possible accidents and stains from developing.  

Iron With Care 

By reinforcing the importance and expense of school uniforms to your children, they are likely to take pride in how they look in them and can encourage them to iron frequently. While this is a good habit to instil in them, ironing or steaming with care is important. Uniforms can burn if settings are too high and can look untidy if done poorly.  

Look Out For Stains

Stains can be a hassle to get out and can sometimes lead to clothes looking worse because of excessive cleaning. If you notice stains, it’s important to treat them timeously with stain removers or washing detergents. This is often helpful in reducing their size quickly.  

Wash Separately

School uniforms must be washed separately from your children’s usual clothing to help in keeping uniforms looking pristine. So doing also reduces the risk of colours running, which can be extremely stressful to deal with.   

Before you run out to buy more uniforms that your child will no doubt outgrow in a few months, start maintaining them from day one. These are our suggested ways to keep school uniforms looking almost new again. And it can be achieved with a little effort once in a while. 

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