Offshore Manufacturing

To provide our customers with the best possible options The Uniform Company can supply garments manufactured locally at our factory in Brisbane, plus offer garments manufactured in China, Vietnam, Pakistan & Fiji by our manufacturing partners.

The benefit of these manufacturing options allows you flexibility, and the ability to have a mix of both imported and locally made garments if required.

The Uniform Company produces all the computerized patterns in Australia and supplies these to our manufacturing partners’ Off-Shore; this ensures that if you have one order produced locally, and the next is produced off-shore, the sizing and fit of the garment will be the same.

Customers with high turnover of uniforms would benefit from the reduced prices available for imported garments from China, Vietnam or Pakistan, but for a customer with smaller volumes the outlay for larger orders is not cost effective, so these items can be manufactured in Australia of Fiji.

Many of our customers will opt for a combination of locally produced and imported garments, thus enabling them to place orders for the larger volumes from one of our off-shore partners, but also having the ability to place smaller top up orders to be made locally when required.

Please discuss your requirements with one of our Sales Consultants who can provide you with all the information to allow you to make the best choice to suit your situation.

The Uniform Company is proud to have been supporting the Australian manufacturing industry for over 45 years and will continue to maintain our local manufacturing base unlike many other suppliers who now only offer imported products.

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