Sleeveless Art-Smock - Waterproof Nylon

  • Sleeveless Art-Smock Waterproof Nylon

Product Overview

Sleeveless Artsmock, easy for children to put on & take off, Velcro fastening at back of neck | Style 2404 58cm Long, suitable for 3-4yrs | Style 2405 63cm Long, suitable for 4-6yrs | Style 2406 69cm Long, suitable for 6-9yrs | Style 2407 74cm Long, suitable for 9-12yrs |

Style Code

TUC 2404 - 2407

Available Colors

Waterproof Nylon Colours - Royal, Red, Emerald, Gold, Navy, Maroon, Bottle, Orange, Lime, Hot Pink, Purple, Electric


Waterproof Nylon - Also available in Reinforced Vinyl and Poly Cotton Poplin

Available Sizes

Available in 3-4yrs, 4-6yrs, 6-9yrs & 9-12yrs.

Minimum Quantity

20 per colour


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