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We supply customised school uniforms in Australia and overseas at very competitive prices. We are a 100% Australian, Brisbane based, family owned and operated company with over 50 years’ experience in the design, manufacture and supply of school uniforms.

The Uniform Company is a preferred supplier of school uniforms to the Department of Education, Training and Employment of the Queensland Government.

The Uniform Company has been proudly manufacturing Australian Made school uniforms for over 50 years. Our modern school uniform factory is located in Eagle Farm Queensland and is one of the largest school clothing manufacturers in Australia. Our on-shore manufacturing facilities allow us to offer school the option of smaller quantities when purchasing their school uniforms, this option suits many smaller schools or for schools that need top-up orders throughout the year.

The foundation of many school uniforms are built on strengthening the schools corporate image and branding. School uniforms in Australia need to be classic, stylish, modern and yet comfortable in Australian conditions. As Australian school uniform manufacturers, The Uniform Company have an on-site expert team to ensure all uniform designs and styles cater for students of all shapes and sizes. We only manufacturer school uniforms using tried and tested fabrics this ensures durability and easy care for all of our garments.

The Uniform Company are Australia’s uniform experts suppling school uniforms, polo shirts, sportswear and other garments to schools Australia wide. As school clothing manufacturers and not just resellers we understand, all aspects of the production process which, ensures consistent high quality school uniforms that meet our high manufacturing standards. 





One of Australia’s premier uniform suppliers and wholesalers, our services include:

  • Customised, wholesale school uniforms
  • Staff uniforms designed to complement your student attire
  • Ties, socks, belts, scarfs, bags and hats
  • Promotional items for your school
  • Branding - embroidery of school emblems on all items
  • Customised colours and patterns to match your existing uniforms<
  • Designs for new uniforms or rebranding
  • A range of stock and customised sizes are available>
  • Premium range of knitted garments in both standard and customised colours

One of the leading uniform suppliers and wholesalers in Australia, we design and manufacture our uniforms in a modern Brisbane factory and all our products are designed to suit your particular climate. So whether you need attire to last out the Melbourne winter, Perth summer or the Sydney spring, we can create products to suit your students’ needs. Our highly experienced designers can create a customised school and staff uniform, exclusive to your school


We supply wholesale uniforms and attire for students and staff to educational facilities across Australia and are a preferred supplier of school uniforms in Queensland. We offer FREE freight for orders over $1000.


We can match the colours, patterns and materials of your current design or develop a new and customised solution for your students and staff.

Whatever your needs, we can design, manufacture and supply you with quality wholesale products in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, throughout Australia and overseas.

For more information on our productswe supply to schools in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney or anywhere in Australia or overseas, you are welcome to visit our wholesalers showroom at 61 Links Avenue North, Eagle Farm, QLD, Brisbane,call us on 1800 815 571 or complete our online enquiry form.


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