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The school uniform has been used by school institutions for hundreds of years, the first instance dating back to 1552 in London. Since then, school uniforms have been used to create an orderly, prestigious and learning conducive environment for students. If you are needing a school uniform in Australia for your learning institution, there are many options to choose from to suit every need.

School Uniform Types

There is a wide array of school uniforms, ranging in colours, formality and fabrics. More traditional schools will usually opt for a formal look with blazers, ties and long socks. On the other end of the spectrum, some schools may only require students to wear a matching tracksuit and tennis shoes. Finally, a moderately formal school may want to meet in the middle and have button-up shirts and trousers, dresses or skirts, without requiring students to wear blazers or ties.

School Uniform Quality

Whichever uniform is chosen will need to be durable as students wear them close to every day, subjecting them to lots of wear and tear. Also, they will need to be washed very often as they get muddy, have liquids spilled on them or become generally dirty. This means that they need to be made with good quality fabric to withstand abrasion and so that dye does not run. Shirts should be designed with clean, straight lines so that they can be pressed into a crisp and formal shape to make students look presentable at school.

Uniforms For Physical Education Or Sports

Having a school uniform for physical education or sports is important for schools that have everyday uniforms for class. This creates consistency in the school day and can reduce bullying about clothing. If all students are required to wear the same attire for physical activities, they will not need to worry about having to impress or fit in with what they wear, thus also eliminating the extra expense. These uniforms can also be designed to be functional and comfortable when playing sport and may be a better option than clothes that students would choose to wear. It has been shown that more students will participate in physical education if they have a uniform than if they do not, which is another reason why sports uniforms are essential.

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